The Numerous Theories of the Demise
of Chickenman












Since Chickenman's demise, a full investigation has been ongoing to try to determine the actual cause of death and
if "fowl" play was involved. Several suspects have been
questioned relating to possible "fowl" play.

Sheila; Supervisor who had to move Chickenman refused
to touch him. By sticking a screw driver into his backside
she proceeded to place him in another location. Possibly
this may have caused a deadly gangrenous infection

Tom; Husband of Leslie, found out that she had been having a torrid affair with Chickenman
for over five years. It is possible he killed Chickenman during a fit of rage from jealousy

Judy; After Chickenman had a serious accident in his SUB (Sport Utility Box), it was discovered
that she had intentionally used Firerock tires hoping he would be killed. If she couldn't have him,
then no one would.

Sue; Mother of Elweena. She always held Chickenman responsible for her daughter's death.
Some think that she had a contract put out on him.

Kenny; In a letter to the Editor, actually confessed to the murder of Chickenman. Most think
he really did not do it, and was just jealous of all the attention a dumb chicken was getting.

Government; due to Chickenman's many long absences, it was thought that he was a secret
agent for the CIA. Some think that he is not really dead and the body in the casket was that
of a transient "messed up" to look like Chickenman.

Chickenman; After his beloved Elweena was murdered, Chickenman just lost his will to live. He
let himself deteriorate in health by drinking too much and just general carousing around.

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