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This is my friend and fellow turbine associate getting
ready to take-off in his Mitchell Wing B-10J powered
with a modified JFS 100 turbine engine. The engine
was changed to produce around 85 lbs. of thrust. The
engine sound, when flying, is really super.
This is a single-place experimental helicopter using a
SOLAR T-62 16B turbine. The engine was modified
with a 12 volt starter and although I did not get to see
it fly, the builder did have a video of it during a test
flight. He did a great job.
This engine is definitely a "one of a kind". This one
was spotted at a stationary engine show in Portland,
Indiana. It was found at the old Studebaker
automobile plant, and dated from the 1930's. It is a
turbine with electric start, note motor in lower right.
The concept behind it's construction is unknown, but
the fuel used was GUNPOWDER. That's right,
gunpowder. It had an electrically fired chamber filled
from a hopper. I assume it was not a continuous burn,
but a series of individual charges. It may have been
planned for use as a starter system for a larger engine
of some sort. An UPDATE from a site visitor suggests
the starter is really a dynamo used to test the power
of the unit. I tend to agree.
This is the newest addition to my jet collection.
It is the pulsejet from "Hades". It was made by
Solar (same as my T41) to go on a Firefly target
drone for the Navy. It was tested at 110 pounds of
static thrust. The sound is unusual as you tend to
feel it run more than hear it run. It fires at a low
frequency and makes your windows, dishes and
entire body vibrate. Note tiny little spark plug by
by my right leg for ignition. First thought for use
was a go kart, but it is a bit long.

(for full effects, turn volume up at your own risk)
OK this is not a turbine, but most of the later steam
locomotives did use steam operated turbine
generators to run their electric systems. This engine
is a Hudson 4-6-4 in 3/4 scale, 3 1/2 gauge. The engine
alone weighs 140 lbs. and was built in the 1950's. For
those who think STEAM is DEAD,think again. The
most modern nuclear power plants are still steam
generated. The nuclear fuel is used to do nothing
more than boil water.
This is a friend's project in Michigan. He has an
helicopter flight service and uses this John Deere
Gator to haul fuel and place ride signs at local
festivals. Since his helicopter is turbine powered
he decided to convert the JD to turbine power. The
only clue to it's unusal power plant is the HUGE
exhaust pipe out the side, until he spools up. Then
the fun begins. He converted his governor to throttle
control, plus, has an hydrostatic transmission. The
combination works out very well. I got a chance to
drive it and top speed is 33 mph compared to the
original 14 mph. I am very impressed with the great
job he did.


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