The Tale of the Origin and Destiny of Chickenman
as revealed in a dream to a very open-minded storyteller

IN THE BEGINNING GODDESS created the rubber chicken.

And the chicken was void and without form, and Goddess said, "Let there be a head on the chicken, and let it be in the likeness of JIMI HENDRIX."  And there appeared a head on the chicken, in the likeness of Jimi Hendrix.

And the Goddess saw that the Chickenman was still and without life, Goddess did put the sacred air hose into his nostrils and breathed into him the breath of life.

And Goddess saw the Chickenman, and that it was good.

And Goddess gave Chickenman dominion over all the lands and trees, and to partake of all the plants and herbs, thereof.  But of the Magick mushroom, Goddess said, "Do not partake of, for in that day ye shall surely die."

And Chickenman was happy and full of bliss in the garden, which Goddess had given him as his domain, and did partake of all his favorite herbs, and was smiled upon favorably by the Goddess, and it was good.

Then appeared a serpent in the garden and spoke thusly to Chickenman, "Tune in, Turn on, Drop out."

And Chickenman saw that the serpent was eating of the Magick mushroom, and did also encourage him to partake.

Therefore did Chickenman say, "Deceive me not, serpent.  For Goddess has said that I shall surely die if I do partake of the mushroom."

"Nay, thou shalt not die, but shall live forever", said the serpent, "For if ye eat thereof, the Goddess knows that ye will then become as her and know many things."

And Chickenman did covet secretly the knowledge, and saw too that the serpent had eaten of the mushroom and had not died, and he did eat thereof also.

And Chickenman saw that the mushroom was good and he did see many pretty colors, and the divinity of the music of the Earth was magnified ten-fold to his ears.

Later, on that selfsame day as Goddess walked through the garden, Chickenman became afraid and hid himself.

And Goddess called out to Chickenman, "Chickenman, why dost thou hide thyself from me?"

And Chickenman said, "Because I have no feathers, and I am ashamed."

"Who hast told thee that thou hast no feathers?", Goddess demanded.

And Chickenman knew therefore that he was busted and did confess all to Goddess.  "I have eaten of the Magick mushroom, and have been shown the order of the universe, and the evolution of all things and know now, myself, to be neither man nor beast, but a freak of nature.

Goddess was much distressed.  "It is true, thou art a freak.  But thou didst not know the extent of they freakishness until thy folly.  Ye have screwed up, Chickenman.  Ye were given all, and it has not been enough.  That which ye have taken last cannot be returned, for innocence cannot be recaptured, nor knowledge erased.  Therefore you are banished from this garden to go out among the world; to bear the burden of the prejudice and hard-heartedness of man."

And the Goddess made him clothing of tie-dye and duct tape, and sent with him herbs, and fermented beverages, so that he might dull the pain of the real world.

And Chickenman was therefore banished from his beautiful garden where he went to the cigar factory, no longer to till the Earth and enjoy its bounty, but only to work for the man, and cop a buzz now and then.

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