Who to Call before you dig

Call 811 Before You Dig

There is an Indiana state law which requires someone to report any type of digging to the IUPPS at least two full business days before the labor takes place. The Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service (IUPPS), sometimes referred to as Holey Moley, is a free, non-profit statewide notification service that insures that the proper utilities are notified before the digging takes place. The appropriate utilities will be notified and they are required, by law, to locate any utility that might be in the ground in your area of which the digging will take place.

Utilities locate according to color codes. Telecommunications, for example is marked in orange. 100% of Geetingsville Telephone Company's telephone cable is buried underground, making it very important for us to be notified of any local digging. To find out more or to contact the IUPPS, call 811 or try going to their web page at http://indiana811.org

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